Fall Retreat FAQ's

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What's included in the $100 cost?

The only things not covered in the $100 cost for Fall Retreat are: a t-shirt, transportation to/from Timber Creek, and any meals you may stop for on your way to/from Timber Creek.

Once you arrive to Timber Creek, all your expenses are covered for lodging and food for the entire weekend.

When will I know who is in my cabin?

The Well Staff team will be finalizing all cabin assignments up until Fall Retreat. We will have your cabin assignments / roommates ready for you upon check in on Friday!

When do I check-in, and what if I can't make the check-in time?

You will receive the Fall Retreat schedule on Monday, September 30 which will include the check-in time frame. If you are unable to check-in before the Friday night session, we will have a 30-minute check-in period immediately following the Friday session. We will not have early check-in so please plan to arrive at the time check-in starts.

Do I need to bring bedding, a pillow, or bath towels?

Yes. The cabins we will be staying in are bunkbed style. We encourage you to bring a sleeping bag or twin sized sheets along with a pillow and bath towel for the weekend!

What is the schedule for Fall Retreat?

This year's schedule is still being finalized, however, here's a sample schedule based on previous years:



Session 1

Small Groups

Late Night/Free Time



Quiet Time

Session 2



Field Day Games

Free Time


Session 3

Small Groups

Late Night/Free Time



Quiet Time

Session 4

Group Pic

Pack up / Clean up / Head home!

Something came up, and I can no longer go to Fall Retreat. Can I get a refund?

At the time of registration, there is a non-refundable $50 deposit. Partial refunds are available through Tuesday, October 1. After Wednesday, October 2 (the deadline for final payments), we are unable to provide any refunds.

I have to come late / leave early from Fall Retreat. Can I still come, and do I have to pay the full price?

We would love for you to still join us even if you're time is cut short. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer reduced rates based on arrival/departure times.

I want to go to Fall Retreat, but I don't have a car.

Being car-less is no reason to miss out on Fall Retreat. When you fill out your registration form, there will be a question asking if you need a ride. Check "yes" and then save the date for our Carpool Meeting that will immediately follow The Well on Wednesday, October 2.

Where is Fall Retreat located?

Fall Retreat is located at Timber Creek Camp in Pulaski, MS-- just over 2 hours (150 miles) from Tuscaloosa.

The official address is:

Timber Creek Camp

8113 Morton Marathon Road

Pulaski, Mississippi 39152

Here are Directions from Calvary Baptist Church:

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