Commissioning Service

Summer Commissioning Service

We are so thankful to be a church body that sends students all over the nation and the world long-term and short-term every summer!

If you are a student going into long-term missions after graduation, or if you are a current student going to serve at a camp, church internship, or short-term trip this summer we would love to, as a church body, commission you and begin praying for you and your time away on Sunday, April 28th. Even if you can't make the service, we would still love to be praying for you over the summer so fill out the form anyway!

We would be so grateful if you would be available on April 28th at each of our three Sunday worship services at 8:30, 9:45, and 11 am. We know it's three services in one day but, you don't have to attend all three fully, we will commission at the end of each service but want the entire body to get to pray for you!

So here's what we need from you, fill out the below form below and let us know where you are headed and then attend each of the services on April 28th! We are so excited to hear the stories of how God uses you this summer!

Tell us where you are headed!