Life Groups

Weekly Life Group is the place you'll find Christ-centered community.

Need community?

One of the first questions we will ask you here at The Well is: "Are you in a Life Group?" This is because Life Groups are the heart of The Well's ministry. While we may sit in pews in a large sanctuary on Wednesday nights, we invite you into the living rooms of homes all across Tuscaloosa on Mondays nights. It is here that you will be known personally, challenged in your relationship with Jesus, and held accountable in the throws of life.

So, where will you be on Monday (or Tuesday!) nights? We have a spot on the couch just for you. Find a Spring 2019 Life Group from the list below, or fill out the form at the bottom of this page so a Life Group leader can get in touch with you. Spring Life Groups will start on January 14, 2019!

Girl Life Groups: Spring 2019

Freshmen Girls

Allie R. + Hope H. + Allison A.

Topic: 1 Peter

1020 16th Avenue

Liza R. + Anna R.

Topic: Fruit of the Spirit

801 Frank Thomas Avenue #412

Mary R. + Hollie N. + Samantha T.

Topic: Women of the Bible

600 13th Street E, Unit #534

Katherine B. + Andrea J.

Topic: Women of the Bible + Hebrews

600 13th Street E, Unit #522

Jordan W. + Sara C. + Madeline P.

Topic: Spiritual Disciplines

1603 4th Avenue

Upperclassmen Girls

Hayden G. + Rachel M.

Topic: Esther

1605 4th Avenue

McKenzie L. + Alyssa W.

Topic: Trusting God

800 31st Street, Apt. #531

Mary-Walker L. + Caroline C. + Abbey G.

Topic: Prayer + Romans

320 18th Street

Natalie L. + Emily S. + Catherine R.

Topic: Hosea

1901 5th Avenue E, Apt. #3115

*Olivia V. + Lauren T.

Topic: Women of the Bible

700 15th Street, Bldg 2 #2206

*Meets Tuesdays at 8pm (open for Freshmen and Upperclassmen girls)

Guy Life Groups: Spring 2019

Freshmen Guys

Adam B. + Evan S. + Roderick A.

Topic: Romans

1309 13th Street E

Tanner H. + Slade S. + Griffin O.

Topic: Daniel

1721 2nd Avenue

Mason H. + Bass R. + Jackson B.

Topic: 1 + 2 Peter

1608 5th Avenue E

Cole A. + Jake H. + Davis H.

Topic: Romans

1716 2nd Avenue

Upperclassmen Guys

Daniel J. + William S.

Topic: The Story of God from Genesis to the Early Church

1622 3rd Avenue

Ben W. + Sean D.

Topic: Daniel

1901 5th Avenue E, Apt. #1319

Patrick J. + Ronnie B. + Patrick A.

Topic: Hebrews

2530 21st Court E

Andrew G. + Pate W.

Topic: Exodus

1801 1st Avenue

*Parker B. + Austin W. 

Topic: God's Will + Men of God

1801 1st Avenue

*Meets Tuesdays at 8pm (open for Freshmen and Upperclassmen guys)

I want to join a Life Group!

"I am so thankful for The Well at Calvary and the opportunity to join a Freshman Life Group. I have met people who are seeking Christ just like I am and it is always great to know I am not alone in my battles. I have made instant connections with my peers and my leaders are amazing. These guys have helped me break out of my shell and open my eyes to what Christ has in store for all of us!"

-- Roderick, Freshman