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The Well's Podcast


In addition to The Well's weekly Wednesday night sermon podcast, this Spring 2019 semester we are launching CONVERSATIONS! These podcasts will be between 10-20 minutes (perfect for the walk between classes), and will consist of conversations with you about the subjects and content we just don't have time to cover in the 14-week semester. Our hope is these conversations will encourage you, equip you, and enlighten you in your journey as a healthy disciple of Jesus.

This semester's conversations will primarily be dedicated to relationships. We want you to join the conversations as we discuss subjects like friendship, finding the one (and breaking up with the other ones), marriage, divorce, sexual sins, and death.

As we continue the conversations each week, we will reference different resources that you'll be able to access, download, utilize right here! And, don't forget to submit your questions, feedback, or input on the conversations at the bottom of the page.

The Conversation on New Years' Resolutions

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