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Life Groups

Life is better together.

You were made for community. So, one of the first questions we will ask you here at The Well is: "Are you in a Life Group?"  While we may sit in pews in a large sanctuary on Wednesday nights, we invite you into the living rooms of homes all across Tuscaloosa on Monday and Tuesday nights. It is here that you will be known personally, challenged in your relationship with Jesus, and held accountable in the throws of life.

In light of COVID-19, In the midst of a season of social distancing, stay at home orders, and other separation requirements we want to provide time and space for you this summer to continue sharing life together and pursuing Jesus together. That's why we're launching Summer Life Groups on Zoom starting Wednesday, June 3 through July 29. Keep scrolling for more!


We're so excited to tell you about our SIX Summer Life Groups -- starting with The Well on Wednesday, June 3 @ 8pm CST. The Well will begin on our online platform for a time together of worship and teaching from the staff. After this time together, students are encouraged to reconnect in smaller groups (ahem, Life Groups!) via Zoom for continued conversation, life application, accountability, and prayer together! Each student will have the opportunity to choose their own group and connect via Zoom with the unique URL provided below, on The Well's app under "SUMMER," or by clicking on the link that will be shared in the live chat feed on Wednesday night during online service.

Here's what you'll need for Life Groups ahead of time:
  • A free Zoom account. Go here to make yourself a free account now!
  • You'll want to ensure that you have a good internet connection as well as enabling your audio/video. This will allow you to participate like normal in discussion, prayer, and other conversations during Life Group. 
  • It's recommended to use a computer for Zoom, however, there is an App available to download, too.
  • Your Life Group's Meeting URL. Again, these are unique to each Life Group and will not change week-to-week. So, once you have it, go ahead and bookmark it in your browser.
    Looking for your Life Group's Meeting URL? You'll find it below!

We can't wait to "see you" on June 3 @ 8pm CST. Both The Well service and Summer Life Groups will continue from June 3 through July 29.


led by Jake Hammond + Ashley-Caroline Rice
led by Roderick Anderson + Sayler Tatom
> UPPERCLASSMEN GIRLS (two groups) <
led by Loni Blatz + Lauren Smith
led by Faith Cheatham + Ellen Nicholson
> UPPERCLASSMEN GUYS (two groups) <
led by Chris Anderson + Chase Vourlotis
led by Bass Riggins + Zach Knapp

Our Summer Life Group Leaders

When we're in Tuscaloosa, we're typically scattered all over town in apartments, condos, houses, and backyards doing life together. Because of COVID-19 (and summertime!), we may not be together physically, but we're certainly not isolated. Instead of referencing the Google Maps below, click the name of the Life Group leaders for a direct link to their unique Zoom Meeting URL. These URLs will not change week-to-week, so be sure to bookmark the page in your browser!

Summer Life Groups are in conjunction with Summer Well. This means you'll join the online platform for Summer Well service on Wednesdays at 8pm for a time of corporate worship. Then, you'll be redirected to connect on Zoom with one of the following Life Groups (your choice!) for continued conversation, life application, accountability, and prayer! We'll "see you" soon!

Click the Life Group (bolded) below for the unique Zoom URL link to this Summer Life Group:

Fall Life Groups

When we're in Tuscaloosa, we're typically scattered all over town in dorms, apartments, condos, houses, and backyards doing life together. Come back to this section of the page in August for all the information on our Fall Life Groups for freshmen and upperclassmen.
In the meantime, scroll back up and jump into a Summer Life Group for June and July!

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