Tuscaloosa, AL

Watch THE WELL Online

In the midst of COVID-19, we are so thankful for the technological advances of our time that allow us to still continue having The Well services on Wednesday nights!

Whether you're not ready to be in person just yet, you're in quarantine, or you're waiting for COVID-19 test results, online options will be available to you for Wednesday nights to ensure that you remain spiritually connected amidst physical separation.

For Wednesday services when The Well is in-person, you can join virtually through our online platform.
Here's what you need to know about our online platform for The Well Online:
  • You can begin "chatting" with other attendees at 7:30pm CST
  • The Well service will begin at 8:00pm CST
  • During the service, you will be able to utilize our "live prayer" feature to connect with a staff member privately who would love to pray with you.
  • The "live chat" feature is ongoing throughout the service. We hope this allows you to not feel like a consumer of content, but that you're able to participate in worship! Our only request is that any/all comments in the "live chat" are appropriate, considerate, and helpful.
  • If you have run into any issues or problems, email college@thewelltuscaloosa.com so a staff member can get you help quick!